We are now pleased to announce the release of "M-42 Service Shoes, Type II". Our M-42 Service shoes have been reproduced authentically to WWII Original M-42 Service shoes at all the details. Besides, we're proud of making the Shoes with full copied WWII Shoe Lasts which is well known as "Dr. Munson's Shoe Last". We surely believe in that you'll appreciate for the good fitting of the WWII Shoe Lasts which was developed by Dr. Munson almost 100 years ago.

Price : Yen 43,800
Size : 6 1/2 E, 7 E, 7 1/2 E, 8 E, 8 1/2 E
  9 E, 9 1/2 E, 10 E
ITEM # : 09-66-1100

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SIZE ( US ) 6 1/2 E 7 E 7 1/2 E 8 E 8 1/2 E 9 E 9 1/2 E 10 E
  (24.5cm) (25.0cm) (25.5cm) (26.0cm) (26.5cm) (27.0cm) (27.5cm) (28.0cm)
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ITEM # Description Size Q'ty  
09-66-1100 M-42 Service Shoes, Type II

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