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MIL. SPEC Sewing Thread Color Chart
It is not so easy for us to get an authentic component when we need to repair our collections. And sewing thread is one of a component and also not easy for us to find authentic sewing thread around us nowadays. Unfortunately, most of sewing threads we can find around us is synthetic(polyester) thread which is no good for our collections. Besides, matched color is also hard to find.
Thus, here are our authentic Mil Spec. sewing threads. Some of them are original GI Sewing thread from US Military. But most of them are reproduced by us(M.O.C.) for our Reproduction clothing. All our Sewing Thread is matched to the original in weight, twist and color. Good for repair your collections!!
Please refer the below color chart for your color selection.
tip) Please be aware that the each color at the color chart may be seen slightly different from original color, depending on your monitors.
[ Nylon mainly for US AF Clothing ]
[ Cotton, 40/3, mainly for 40-50s ]
[ Cotton, 50/3, mainly 60-70s ]
[ Cotton(Glazed), 16/4, mainly for Leather clothing & Equipments ]
[ Nylon-Non Melting(Nomex) mainly for Nomex clothing ]