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How to dye Your ZIPPER
When you intend to use Classic Zipper for replacement on your collections, you might have a problem with the color of the zip tape. Actually, it is not so easy to dye whole zipper by yourself. Here, following might be something to solve your problem.
1) Zipper you intend to dye
tip) Please be aware that you only can dye from light shade color to dark shade color. You can not dye from dark shade color to light shade color without bleaching which might sometimes influence teeth with bad result.
2) "The Fabric Brush Marker"
We've tried many markers, dyes.... for dyeing zip tapes. This is the best Dye Marker we can recommend you. I believe in that you can buy this at a stationery store nearby you. In case you can not find this, we have 3 colors(Blue, Brown, Black) in stock for sale. Refer the price and the detail to the end of this page.
3) Alcohol or Ethanol
4) A piece of cloth(waste)
[Dyeing zip tape]
Paint the tape of the side of the zip teeth with "The Fabric Brush Marker". The area you paint should be enough within the area will appear after replacement.
Paint(rather like brush) the tape edge between zip teeth with "The Fabric Brush Marker". It is impossible to paint just the tape edge. Paint with teeth.
Clean out the dye color on the teeth by a piece of cloth(waste) which is wetted by Alcohol or Ethanol.
Leave it for at least 30 min. till it will dry up.