item #: 95-13-4320
US AF Decal Heat Transfer/4C
size: 7.3 x 7.3cm
Yen 1,800
item #: 95-13-4322
US AF Decal Heat Transfer/1C
size: 4.5 x 4.9cm
Yen 1,200

This US AIR FORCE insignia is a special printing based on the military specifications (MILSPEC). It can only be printed on materials such as nylon or cloth because of its special ink that melts into their textiles for bonding. Therefore it is not available for other materials such as leather, rubber, vinyl or plastic. Since the insignia is printed in a different manner from general sea1 insignias, should carefully be read manual before printing.

  • 95-13-4320
  • USAF Decal Heat transfer Decal/4C
  • Yen 1,800 Add to Cart
  • 95-13-4322
  • US AF Decal Heat transfer Decal/1C
  • Yen 1,200 Add to Cart